Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day #89

March 30, 2014

When I was first ordained, the part in worship that made me most anxious about preparing for and/or doing was the Children’s Message. I would fret over what I should say and write out exactly how I might say it. Then I would wring my hands in complete nervousness just before it was time to call the kids down front. Would I get it right? Would the kids listen? Would it make any difference?

All this caused me to ask a couple of pointed questions: is the Children’s Message obsolete? Is it just a necessary “evil” in our day and time, more for the adults to have something to chuckle about or give them another “oh, how cute” memory? Do the little ones really get anything out of this time in worship?”

Of course, my quick answer is that any time spent one on one with kids is far from being just a necessary “evil.” I enjoy being with kids - teaching, listening, playing - you name it. Kids seem to soak up learning about God and Jesus like little sponges. You can tell, too, that they get something out of it when they bow their heads to pray, ask questions, and get excited to come running - literally - down the aisle to participate.

But kids, of course, do say the darnedest things. Or tell the most unbelievable, yet creative, stories. This week was momma got lost and poppy did, too, and he was lost forever. Reply? Something like good thing we are never lost from God. God knows exactly who and where we are all the time. And loves us all the time. Whew! Now let’s pray.


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