Friday, April 4, 2014

Day #90

March 31, 2014

I had an April Fool’s Day on its eve. I knew it wasn’t good when I drove into the parking lot and there was a septic pump truck. Never good to see! 

Yes, there had been a problem yesterday, but we were hoping it wasn’t this dreaded need. Pumping the tank - oh the joys of country living.

So what in the world is The Daily Intersection of this? It is thankfulness. Huh?! Well, I AM thankful. For folks who have history in the congregation - years of faithful witness and service and know where things are (like the septic tank) and are still active servants. Because there they were, meeting with the repairman, taking care of business.

So I am thankful - for their love of God’s church and their participation and being a part of it.

Yep, thankful. That’s what I am!

Oh - and let's not forget how thankful we ALL are for Septic Tank Repairmen!!!!!!


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