Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day #112

April 22, 2014

My father used to have this saying - before you open your mouth, engage your brain. In other words, think before you speak. It’s good advice I try to follow. But when I am tired or stressed, my filter button seems to automatically shut off and I am prone to speak first and not even think about it later.

Someone joked with me the other day (Good Friday - so, yes, I was tired). They said something that I actually thought was funny as they were picking on me, so I quipped back in what should have been an appropriately joking manner. But it turned out that my reply was neither funny or in a joking manner - at least not to them. Therefore, while the person went away upset and with their feelings hurt, I never thought about it again.

The amazing thing, however, was what happened today - several days later. This saint thinks enough of our Christian relationship to come and speak to me about the event. I was honored. Truly. That I could have the opportunity to apologize, to explain that I was not serious (after all, I couldn’t even remember what I said), and that I would do my best to not let it happen again was such an honor.

What a truly amazing person who would come to me and talk about things. Not talk behind my back, not let the moment simmer in their heart and mind until it boiled over somewhere else or at some other time, not just walk away and never speak to me again, but actually come to me. It’s such a biblical, Christian thing to do. Jesus instructed his followers to do just that when there were disputes among folks and relationships needed restoring (see Matthew 18.15-17). But so many of us (me included) would rather do almost anything but come and talk to THE person.

So thank you for your example, your trust, and your love by honoring me in this way. I truly am sorry for speaking without thinking, but I am so very grateful for you that you came to me. Our relationship is restored from my perspective, and for that I am so thankful!


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