Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day #87

March 28, 2014

In the middle of Target is not the place to find an electrical outlet. There is just not one to be found. Believe me, we looked. See, we were there to purchase a new lamp for a specific spot and before we bought one we  wanted to test if it was bright enough for the place it was needed. After searching all over, we finally found an outlet in the Starbucks area of the store. A connection was made, but it was actually after the purchase was made, too. That was ok, though, we liked the lamp and it works perfectly.

The next day, the connection was not so easily found – before, during or after the fact. We attended a  memorial service for a friend's mother. It was held in a church of another denomination than our familiar one. It is also a denomination that does not welcome those “outside their faith” to partake of Holy Communion. That is always difficult for me. Here we were, with most of those in attendance fitting the “outside” descriptor. And while we were all there to share similar grief, we were unable to share in Jesus’ forgiveness and reassurance. The comment from the one presiding was something like this: as those of you outside our faith are unable to partake, we ask that you continue to pray for the time when the divisions are reconciled.

It made me think of us trying to find a place to plug-in our new lamp to test it in the store. We were so close to the light, but couldn’t connect to its source. Oh, I do pray for the time when the divisions are reconciled. Will it come in our lifetime, or is that something we wait for in the day when we are all joined as one around the feet of the Lamb in his eternal kingdom?


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