Saturday, November 29, 2014

Day #333

November 29, 2014

As I reflected on the beginning of Advent tomorrow (see Day #316 for a photo challenge I plan for the upcoming days of the Advent Season), and the season of waiting and preparing for celebrating Christ’s coming some two thousand years ago and one day coming again, I watched our dog. I could not help but think about patience in waiting, or perhaps, the absence of it.

My husband had gone out to shovel snow and our dog stayed inside with me. As she waited, she was anything but patient: she paced; she panted; she looked out the window; she went to the door; she circled the room; she even whimpered a little. Would he ever come back? As I tried to explain he would only be gone a little while, she ignored my voice and fretted just as much, if not more, than before.

But what was happening as she did all this? She was missing the joy of the moment: the warmth of the room and the extra attention I was paying her. No, she wanted HIM to come back. Now!

Are we missing the joy, and the opportunities to serve others, being too concerned about Jesus’ coming and return? Are we unnecessarily fretting over when and how Jesus might return, ignoring the signs, and the joys, of his kingdom in the here and now?


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  1. You've illustrated with a perfect example; as we heard in the sermon at Augsburg today, we need to live in the moment or we'll miss what's going on all around us... such a great message to hear this day, from Pastors both far and near! :)