Saturday, November 8, 2014

Day #305

November 1, 2014

We saw our Godson today - our first one. He’s almost grown, over six feet tall now. We held him as a baby at his baptism, kept him for his parents, and have prayed for him over the years. He’s now a handsome, kind, Christian young man.

Folks often say children growing up is the best way to keep track of how much time has gone by and how fast. Well, that was certainly true today as we all visited. Where did those years go? Why do I not feel any older in the least, but know I must be based on his almost-grown self?

Well, time is one of those strange things. It’s our doing and matters not so much to God. One day we, too, will no longer have need to keep time. We will be basking in the light of Christ, worshipping and praising, and not think a thing about eternity or how long it is.

Until then, however, the mirror and the face of babies grown up tell the story. Can’t avoid it! But then, I wouldn’t want to!!


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  1. What a grand reward awaiting us all... no clocks! I love this post today; thank you for sharing your insight.