Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day #306

November 2, 2014

Over the last weeks many people have asked, why the west? Why leave your home state, your family and friends, and go so far away? Yesterday someone asked a similar question in a way that made me reply, maybe I just haven’t really found home yet.

That answer was on my heart as we began the Women in Clergy Retreat today (see Day #283 for more: Our Spiritual Director for the retreat (the dear woman on the left) began the time together by asking us to think of an ancestor who influenced us in some way. Then she gave us a piece of ribbon to write our ancestor’s name on and pin it on the blue cloth behind the leaders. After sharing about our ancestors, she mentioned how we reach back for them and their grounding, and yet look forward to our home in the future in the eternal presence of God.

No wonder why “home” may seem so elusive to me. After all, this life is only temporary, a time and place to love others, be in relationship, serve wherever we are called/live, and share the story of God’s love. The opportunities to do so are endless and do not require a certain “space” to happen.

So I share the blessing our Spiritual Director left for me to find. It touched me and maybe will you, as well:
May your longings lead you far and farther still toward the place where what you desire can be met only by God. May your hungering bring you home by another way.  

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