Monday, October 31, 2016

Day #1025

October 21, 2016 

I should not have been surprised this day came. On day #1025, it seemed nothing struck me as an intersection of faith and life. Have I completely run out of ideas? Has the well run dry?

But then, as I thought long and hard, I remembered seeing God in the midst of a collaborative meeting, helping spur creativity and passion. I remembered seeing God in the midst of a conversation with someone. I remembered seeing God as we stopped to check on someone broken down. I remembered seeing God in the smile on my husband’s face as we watched a young man try to wrestle his big dog into the kennel in his car - what fun memories that conjured up of the great dogs of our past: Zach, Sam and Daisy. 

Are any of these big things? Maybe not, but reminders (thankfully) that God IS at work in the world and in my corner of it. I just need to keep my eyes open. 

Thank you, God, for daily reminding me of ways to be thankful for seeing you.


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