Thursday, October 20, 2016

Day #1022

October 18, 2016 

In March/April, an invitation was made to folks in the congregation. The invitation was to pray for someone individually each day for six months. So in mid-April, the names of folks who accepted the invitation were placed into a basket and drawn out randomly to be given the name of someone else who had also accepted the invitation. The idea was to have sort of a prayer "partner", except the “fun” was to not know who was praying for you. 

Well, the six months have gone by and the prayer combinations have been revealed. What joy to be the conduit to make the connections known, and to give most folks a new person to pray for daily for the next three months. 

It is such a comfort to know there are folks praying for me (I say folks that because I know more than just the one person prays for me - thank you!!). Some days that is really what gets me through!

That, and colleagues who I can learn with, discuss with, study with, laugh with, celebrate with, lament with, and be comfortable with. Thank you to them, as well!!!!


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