Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day #575

July 29, 2015

I am truly thankful for all of God’s gifts – for they are so many, too many to even begin naming. I am also thankful for the ways that folks share gifts so generously. There are so many people who give time, talent and treasure to the work of the congregation where I serve. We are able to do much out of this generosity.

So today I share the latest convenience gift to the congregation – an ice machine.
What fun, right?! I am certainly excited to begin using it soon, and know it will really be an asset at the next fellowship gathering, too.

So thank you to all who give so freely. And here’s to a nice, tall glass of ICE water!


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  1. That is a gift to be valued highly; how wonderful! Before you know it you'll all be thrust back into the deep freeze that is Montana in the winter. ;) Enjoy your warm days and cool ice water. Hugs~