Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day #562

July 16, 2015

A time of celebration (and I don’t have any pictures!). A “0” ending birthday is coming up for one of the women who is instrumental in the quilt-making for Lutheran World Relief at the congregation I serve. They call their twice-monthly gathering “Love Day” and that is truly what they spread - love, creativity, warmth, and service.

I wrote about the quilts from 2014 when I first arrived at the new call - they had been blessed the day before and were quickly made ready for shipping. (See Day #321.)

But there is more to celebrate than simply a dedicated woman’s birthday, even though it was a fun time AND a surprise. The really good news is that this congregation has been continually making quilts for decades - since 1975, I believe it is - and to date have completed close to 3,000 (they plan to reach that goal by year’s end, if not before). Can you imagine, 3,000 quilts lovingly made and joyfully given away?! That’s certainly a worthy cause to celebrate!

Sew on, ladies, sew on!


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