Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day #558

July 12, 2015

Sometimes there are very sad moments in ministry. It can be hard to hear that the needs of a person and the offerings of a congregation do not match up. Learning someone feels tugged to look around at other places of worship makes me sad. But when it is because they feel a Christian Community isn’t being what it should be, that hurts my heart and my soul.

Yet, I am grateful to hear from someone, instead of them just disappearing, even when what they say is heartbreaking. Do not get me wrong, it’s difficult to receive someone’s frustration and hurt, but it’s necessary and can be helpful.

With that said, however, perhaps the hardest part is the fact-checking. The taking of the information and discerning the absolute truth and at the same time realizing that the absolute truth will probably never be learned. After all, people’s feelings, opinions, perceived innuendos, preferences, history, etc, play into the telling of an incident, often distorting the facts.

It does make me wonder how the Good News - Jesus’ message of love and forgiveness - every really gets passed along in the church. I am so glad it does, however, even in spite of us humans. And that not only does the message continue, but Jesus’ love remains perfect (where mine surely isn’t) and his forgiveness quick. Thanks be to God!


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