Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day #567

July 21, 2015

This is a wonderful story shared with us about some young people who are attending camp this week, and have attended other weeks this summer, who might never had opportunity without help. They are what would be called “at risk” children. They have endured experiences in their young lives that many of us cannot imagine, nor understand. They come from a group home in an inner city whose leaders bring them for the summer to MT, where they attend many different camps while here.

Four of these young people are attending camp this particular week. They are delightful, intelligent, polite, but above all, are having the time of their life. Their story was shared by the camp’s director who played a voice message from the home’s leader about the positive affect camp is making in these young people’s lives. It included thanks for the opportunity for them to be here without charge - funded in part by campership donations from local congregations.

The congregation I serve participated in those donations - and for that I am grateful. The generosity of others has given an experience to kids they might never have had - a week in the great outdoors, surrounded by people who treat them with love and respect, and who share God’s grace generously.

Thanks be to God for them, for all campers, and for this place!


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