Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day #568

July 22, 2015

An added bonus of being at camp with minimal electronics means more time for reading. The book I am reading is called Christianity for the Rest of Us by Diana Butler Bass. It is about the author’s research of many active and growing congregations and what seems to be the key to their vitality.

One of the chapters is about the value of diversity. I share these beautiful words with an invitation to ponder them deeply, especially as racism and its devastating affects headline the news and negatively impact lives:
Christians pursue diversity because it models creation, embodies love, and through the related practice of reconciliation, aligns our lives with God’s dream of harmony. … God wants us all to be family.
I have to wonder, why can’t we all see the beauty in our diversity? Why can’t we see that we have much to learn from one another, especially in our differences? Why do we let fear affect our relationships? If someone else rises, will it really mean I am diminished? Isn’t there room for everyone to grow toward equality?

All of us need each other and are more fully rounded through relationship, especially with those different from us. After all, we really are one, and part of the same family - God’s family.


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