Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day #566

July 20, 2015

As I sat by the lake listening to the counselors give instructions for water safety, another distant sound rumbled - one of thunder. Obviously thunder and water activities do not mix, since thunder indicates lightening and lightening means danger. I overheard the counselor doing the training say, “My nemesis is thunder.” Then she gave the instruction, “We cannot be in the water until after 30 minutes past the last thunder we hear.”

That is very good advice and VERY wise protocol. Soon sounds intensified: a loud crack of thunder, kids screaming (no one hurt, just startled), and the sound of running as they scattered for shelter. Boo hiss on the cancellation of water activities!

But YAY for the rain!!! This area has been in dire need of rain for a while. Campfire restrictions have been in place due to an extraordinarily dry spring that has placed a burden on the systems.

So, with the anticipation of rain came rejoicing - for some. Just before it started, I heard one more sound - a familiar chant from my childhood - “Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day.” Guess you can’t please everyone. But the smell is tantalizing, the brief downpour refreshing, and the ground thankful.


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