Monday, September 28, 2015

Day #633

September 25, 2015

Time for some continuing education - about preaching. Since I am always looking for improved ways to convey God’s love and grace through the sermon, I’m glad for the sharing of two well-known and respected instructors.

How does the scripture serve as a lens for God’s work in our lives? How does life and faith intersect (sounds familiar, right?!)? How is story an integral part of sharing God’s care for us and creation? These are but some of the questions being explored.

And as an example, one of the instructors, Dr. Thomas Long, told a great story that went something like this.
A pastor in NY began their ministry in 2008, just before the “economic downturn.” As things progressively got worse, the mantra of meetings became, “what will be the next shoe to drop?” After weeks and months of living in fear of what might be next, the pastor left a meeting one day and collapsed in their office chair. Please God, they prayed, no more shoes! 
Not seconds later there was a knock on the door with the words, pastor, you need to come downstairs to the clothing pantry right away. Oh no, thought the pastor. What now!? Waiting were two police officers. Pastor, they said, we just raided a counterfeit shoe factory, and have 70 pairs of boots we were wondering if you could use.
Yep, God never ceases to surprise or amaze. How can those of us who preach do a better job at conveying the message? Looking forward to hearing more!


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