Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Day #617

September 9, 2015

We took some items that belonged to our dear Daisy to a new facility in town, the MacLean Animal Adoption/Welfare Center (here is the link to the website: MacLean), with the hopes that a dog waiting for a home might be able to use them.

After working up the courage to go by, we were disappointed when it wasn’t open. As we turned to walk away, Barb came out the front door to see if she could help us. When we told her why we were there, she graciously accepted our items and even gave us a tour of the facility. It’s remarkable – bright, open, well-planned, and ready to accept animals for care and adoption.

We want to share that the center is also looking for monetary donations. The facility as it stands today is the culmination of a vision a few people had some 13 years ago. There were humble financial beginnings, until a major donation was received from the Margaret MacLean Estate that provided the seed-money to break ground on the building.

However, there is still a loan to be repaid. We mention this opportunity to help because we were very impressed, not only by the facility, but also by the people we met. There is such a caring, welcoming spirit (after all, she opened the building just for us) and it gave us a heart-warming feeling to have our items graciously accepted. Daisy would be pleased. We were, and are thankful for such a place of caring for our creation and our creatures!


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