Friday, September 18, 2015

Day #620

September 12, 2015

Again I am amazed by the polar opposites of posts on facebook that follow one right after the other. Next to one pointing a finger at the actions of the “other” was a post that was amazing as its focus was on forgiveness.

Aman Ali wrote about his experience on 9/11/01. He talked about a kid in his class who made some rotten comments after the bombing. He suggested there should be retaliation and when the kid said, “I bet it was your father flying that plane,” all Ali wanted to do was punch his lights out. Then Ali said he couldn’t believe his reflex toward fighting came so quickly, because he considered himself so anti-violence (he never did hit the boy, but because he wanted to, the boy gave him a “Yep, I knew it” look that totally disarmed him).

After describing the incident, he talked about how the shame has stuck with him over the years, concerned that perhaps his action had reinforced for the other young man a hatred for Muslims because of Ali’s behavior.

Then, on the morning of this 9/11, he noticed a facebook message from the kid he tried to punch. Not having heard from him in 14 years, he wondered what in the world he wanted. He writes, “He told me how difficult it is to think about that day because he can’t forget all the hurtful things he said to me and he profusely apologized.” They ended up talking on the phone and having a great conversation.

What a polar opposite from pointing fingers and blame. A story of reconciliation, understanding, and a reminder that no matter how many years go by, forgiveness is always possible. An awesome, positive story on the anniversary of a horrible day.


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