Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Day #627

September 19, 2015

In an article in The Lutheran online magazine, Sarah Carson writes this about church:
“I think there are a lot of things about church that aren’t working for a lot of people right now, but people will never stop wanting to get together to talk about the important things in their lives.”
Wow!!! This really made me think. We do enjoy getting together as people, don't we? Look at the popularity of FaceBook, for example. It may be a new way of getting together to “talk” about the important things in our lives, but it surely does help keep people connected. And what about the groups that meet each week - or even daily - for a meal or just for coffee. It’s a chance to get together and talk about the important things in our lives.

So how does church, or maybe I should say worship, accomplish this? There is time for fellowship after, giving an opportunity to talk about important things in our lives. But what about during the worship service itself? Are we missing something? Is there more we could do to give space for sharing?

Must say, it’s surely something to think about.


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