Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Day #614

September 6, 2015

I borrowed an idea from Dollar Store Children's Sermons for this Sunday, adapting it somewhat. The idea was to use glue, but still in its package, pointing out it doesn’t work as it should unless you take it out. My adaptation was to use fruit snacks instead of glue. The focus was on the reading from James, chapter 2, verses 1-17, especially verse 17: “So faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead.” In other words, God gives us faith, but also desires us to do something with it.

I said to the children, I have these snacks and I’m hungry for them. Are you? Of course, they nodded yes. Well, here they are, but they aren’t very good like this, still in the cardboard box. So what do I need to do to share them? One young lady raised her hand and when I acknowledged her said, with a “duh” inflection, “Open the box!”

Exactly!!! Open the box so they “work.” Or open our hearts and our hands to spread/share/tell/live/serve using and "working" the faith God gives us. I love it!!

Thanks Pastor John Stevens of Zion Lutheran Church, Oregon City, OR, for the inspiration!


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