Saturday, January 24, 2015

Day #389

January 24, 2015

Twice this week I had the joy of FaceTiming with our godson. Such a sweet young man, with lots of enthusiasm and wonder.

It’s awesome that we have such an invention - seeing one another while talking, yet being hundreds of miles away. It’s like we’re just sitting together. And it makes me thankful for technology.

It’s ironic how I was just thinking earlier today of his mother and me and how we began Instant Messaging while in school. Quicker than the phone, but a great way to communicate, we would send each other notes while studying in our separate apartments. It helped us know one another, brought us closer, and contributed to forming a friendship still very strong today, years later.

Hopefully, these moments of FaceTiming will have a similar affect with her son, our godson, and us. It sure makes me smile to see his face instead of just hearing his voice. What joy!


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  1. Technology is an amazing thing. I certainly don't feel all that old but when I think back to all the technological changes I've seen, particularly in the field of communications, I am amazed. I'm grateful too; so happy for connections that can be utilized so quickly and effectively to keep us all together, like this blog!