Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day #376

January 11, 2015 

Often I have heard that music is something that touches a person so deeply that when memory begins to fade about other things, music can still touch their soul. I would like to think that Amazing Grace, Jesus Loves Me, and How Great Thou Art will be songs that I will always remember, no matter what, along with dozens of others (including all kinds of secular music I enjoy).

This understanding was brought to my mind as we celebrated the repair of the organ at the church I serve. Beautiful music was wonderfully played, creating a joy-ful and joy-filled time. Perhaps the thing that brought the largest smile to my face was the woman whose fingers kept time with the music, knowing she struggles mightily to remember faces and names, etc.

Yes, music touches the soul. What a gift for it to be heard, and to be shared!



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