Friday, January 9, 2015

Day #373

January 8, 2015

There is a group of clergy clustered in approximately a square mile radius where I am now serving who have come together to network and dream about better serving the community where we are located. Today’s meeting was my first to attend. What a joy to see colleagues of differing denominations gather to talk, dream, respect, listen and plan. What an honor to be included!

After much talking and thinking about action, it was finally settled that the place to truly begin might best be in listening. Inviting other folks to the table, so to speak, to hear their hopes and dreams, then figure out how we can be supportive or advocates for change, if change is needed.

How important is it to you that someone simply listen? When faced with an issue or problem, do you want someone else to jump in and try to solve it, or simply listen to you? And if you are simply listened to (no solution found or suggested), does that really help? Or does it depend on what the problem is? I suppose the question I am really asking boils down to, do you have a hunger to be known/seen/heard?


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