Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day #382

January 17, 2015

Having the gift to create a piece of art fascinates me, perhaps because it is not a gift I believe I have. Painting has always left me frustrated. Sewing or yarn art can drive me crazy, except for cross-stitch, which involves mostly following a pattern (loved the linear nature of it and am sad I cannot continue this craft). And I never had the patience to stick with pottery - since it didn’t work for me quickly, I gave up.

But I am in awe of those who are artists, like the potter whose demonstration we had the joy of watching. Yet, this was so much more than just “throwing” a pot. As the artist created, she talked about God as the potter, lovingly sculpting us into vessels of finery and usefulness. Then she said, sometimes things come along and flatten us (at which point she took her fist and flattened the vase she was creating). As we all literally gasped at the destruction of the piece, she began to rework the clay, creating a new piece, a bowl, ready to be filled and poured out in usefulness.

Sometimes we are flattened by life’s circumstances. Things can seem very dim and broken, and often they are. Illness, death of a loved one, financial insecurity, fear, betrayal, you name it, can crush our hope and joy. In those times, I have found, God gently works to restore me, not to who I was before, but to a new creation of openness and giving.

What an awesome reminder, and a gift from God, to have been reminded of God’s blessing (God’s face turned toward me) and work in my life.


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