Friday, July 11, 2014

Day #190

July 9, 2014

Today there was time to get caught up on some things. People were waiting on me to respond to emails, write letters, take care of business. It’s been busy, sure, but that dreaded “procrastination” (see Day #186) has been rearing its ugly head more often recently. How do I get so far behind sometimes?

Guess it really is true - we make time for the things we really want to do. Like this blog. It is such a joy to keep up with it. I’m finding it is quite fun to discover God’s intersection each day.

And there is time for the other stuff, too. Like today. Things are getting done and the “to do” list is shortening. Yea!


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  1. It is so easy to get pulled away from something we're working on. The it may be a while before getting back to it. But once refocused and the project completed - what a feeling of relief and satisfaction! Similarly in daily living, temptations can pull us away from God - hopefully we re focus - then what joy!