Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day #183

July 2, 2014

Perhaps one of the best ways to combat worry (after turning things over to God, of course, see Day #182) is learning to find humor and playfulness in the midst of life. One of the people who best knew how to work hard and play hard was my father-in-law. EW, as we called him, was a master at finding humor (or creating it) in life and enjoying life to its fullest. But he worked hard, too. Really hard.

Today would have been his birthday. My husband posted this picture of him in the service on FaceBook in EW's honor.
And this is what I commented. These words come from a flip devotional for the day. It seemed appropriate as a tribute to him:
          Give me a sense of humor, Lord
          Give me the grace to see a joke
          To get some happiness from life
          And to pass it on to other folk.

These words are a good reminder for all of us. And what a great teacher we had. Happy Birthday, EW. We miss you!


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