Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day #182

July 1, 2014

The calendar turned on another month. And another Tuesday Bible Study full of great conversation and faith growing.

Today’s focus came down to a popular topic and a common concern many of us have. WORRY! What is worry? What is the difference between worry and concern? And, if we are worrying, how do we stop? After all, worry keeps us up at night, sends our blood pressure soaring, puts unwanted stress on our systems, and generally can shut us down from living or at least enjoying life.

A while ago I read something Max Lucado wrote that stuck with me (a close variation of the picture posted here): “If you are worrying, you’re not praying and if you’re praying, you’re not worrying.” But how often do we have to turn things over to God? Well, it may be a thousand times a day over some things. And that’s ok. Way I see it, there is no limit to the number, frequency, or urgency of prayers to God, because God doesn’t mind us being dependent. That is how we are built - to depend on God, who made us, loves us and never leaves us.

I also believe we can learn not to worry. And need to! There is no shame in turning things over (and over and over) to God that we cannot control. In other words, do as much as we can, seek as much help as we can, and pray for God to do the rest.

I believe those words. Because in my life, on many occasions, God has handled more things in a much better way than I could ever even have imagined. Thanks be to God!


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