Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day #189

July 8, 2014

Tuesday and Bible Study! It always seems to be an Intersection point. Today one of the verses we read and discussed was Galatians 5.9: “A little yeast makes the whole batch of dough rise!” (NET). Out of context, that verse doesn’t make much sense, or elicits the response, duh?! Of course yeast does that; it's yeast's job.

As Paul writes this line, he is scolding the Galatians over their recent tendency to argue and disagree with one another about certain expectations for new Christians (actually this book of the Bible is thought-provoking and contains important learning). We recognized in our discussion, however, how just one point of negativity in a group can shoot down an idea and block further creativity. It’s amazing how fast one naysayer can derail a previously productive brainstorming session.

Yet, on the other hand, an encouraging or loving response can turn a group around just as quickly. Folks who may be feeling depleted and dejected can find themselves feeling loved and encouraged and of value by just one person turning the situation around.

As it often happens, later that day I had an experience that reinforced the idea. While on a visit to a place where a large group of people were gathered, I found myself enduring many stares and expressions that said “what is she doing here?” It was uncomfortable, especially as a couple of folks spoke to the person I was talking with while ignoring me completely.

After a few minutes, a young woman came toward me with a picture she had been working on. She handed it to me and helped me understand she wanted me to have it, wanted me to take it home, and demonstrated her acceptance of my presence by hugging me.

My entire experience was transformed. This young woman was the leaven in the lump, the yeast in the dough, for my visit -- and my day. Amazing how God uses folks (us) in ways they never even notice or realize, isn’t it?!


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