Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Day #3080

June 7, 2022 

It is Tuesday. Usually there would be Tuesday’s Thoughts on Scripture, but today is going to be different. Today is somewhat of a goodbye. After 3,080 blog posts on The Daily Intersection, it is time to move on, as they say. 

Hubby and I are beginning a new adventure - full-time RVing - and that deserves a new blog site. This one - RVDUO6082022.wordpress.com - is under construction at the time of this post, but please check back soon (I am learning how to navigate a new platform that should allow for comments on the site - thank you for your patience). 

Now, I do not plan to totally abandon this site. There will still be occasional updates about and for our Godson, and perhaps some Boomer pictures, but it will not be a daily endeavor.

I have loved every minute of these daily 3,080 posts. I have learned so much about seeing God in our lives and am thankful for those lessons. Also, I love you who have kept up with my ramblings, prodded me along, and cheered for me. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll catch us on our new blog. 

For now: Blessings. And prayers.

Day #3079

June 6, 2022

Donned with a mask, distancing as much as possible, I headed into the office for my next to last day to try and get done in two days what needed five to accomplish. However, thanks to being out sick all last week, there may be some things that get left undone. I will try, however!

Yet, one important thing did begin - the replacement of the carpet in the sanctuary. This is the culmination of a project long in the making, I am so excited this is happening for the folks. And so proud of them for these finishing touches on the worship space that are long needed and desired.

Also, since it is Monday, the smile for the week is this blessing: 

Remember always, God loves you and so do I. 

Blessings. And prayers.

Day #3078

June 5, 2022 

Overwhelmed! There is no other word for what I am feeling today. At how well our former Intern did with the service (you may view the worship service here: OSLCGreatFalls June 5, 2022) and then the response at the reception. WOW!! What generosity in gifts, creativity, beauty, and kindness you have shown. 

I am so grateful for these years together. You have touched my heart in so many ways and you go with me into the days and years ahead of retirement. Thank you for loving me, letting me love you, sending me on my way with grace and peace, and giving us so much! I am still heartbroken at not being with you today, but technology made it the best it could have been.

God loves you and so do I! Truly!

Blessings. And prayers.

Day #3077

June 4, 2022 

On this Satisfied Saturday, I am grateful for Pharmacy Helpers who have patience, ideas, recommendations, and a smile in the midst of this craziness called COVID. What has the last two plus years been like for them, and for all the medical personnel? I cannot imagine. So a huge shoutout to you all! Thank you! We appreciate you! You rock!

On another note, there is a plan formulated for Sunday. With being the fifth day since a positive test, I simply cannot subject the folks to this illness, so I will stay home. How can I be there and not give hugs, talk to folks, be close in proximity? 

Needless to say, my heart is broken. It is not fair to the congregation - and frankly, I do not feel it is fair to me, but it is the way it must be. Yes, I am having a pity-party!

Yet, thankfully our former Intern is able to lead worship, read the sermon I prepared, be with the folks and hubby is past his quarantine time, so he can attend. Also, there will be a Zoom opportunity following worship at the reception so I can "be there." It is the best we can do under the circumstances. So, on this Satisfied Saturday, I am also grateful for technology and the folks who have creative minds to make things work! Thank you so much!

Blessings. And prayers.

Day #3076

June 3, 2022 

The word for the day - grateful. For help. For hope. For a little bit of energy. For a fever that has broken. 

But there is sadness. I still test positive. I still cough like a fiend. I still have so much to do. What will Sunday bring?!?!

I just cannot believe this!!

Blessings. And prayers.

Day #3075

June 2, 2022 

Well….it is official, I have tested positive. I am sick. And it looks like I may have to miss Sunday. I keep hoping I will test negative before then, but who knows. What is Plan B!? There has to be something we can do!

The positive of all this, there are folks so willing to help. I am very grateful for their love and support. Will we manage to get everything done? With their help, and the prayers of so many, I think so. Somehow!

Blessings. And prayers.

Day #3074

June 1, 2022 

The word for the day - sick! I worried after hubby got sick (see Day #3070) and my fears seem to have been realized. I still am testing negative, but I sure do not feel well. All the classics - no energy (all I can seem to do is sleep), cough, headache, smell and taste lacking - everything except the fever. 

Maybe it’s just a cold. Fingers crossed! There is WAY TOO MUCH to do! It's my last week!

Blessings. And prayers.

Day #3073

May 31, 2022 

Tuesday’s Thoughts on Scripture comes from Acts 2:1-4: When the day of Pentecost had come, [the apostles] were all together in one place. And suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. Divided tongues, as of fire, appeared among them, and a tongue rested on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages, as the Spirit gave them ability. (NRSV) 

Pentecost Sunday is coming - the celebration of fifty days following Easter and the Resurrection. What strikes me in the reading about the event from the Book of Acts is that the apostles were all together in one place. They had not scattered. They had not lost hope. They had not given up. 

It occurs to me that fifty days can be a long time, a lot can happen and it might be easy to give up hope. What were the apostles doing during that time to help them? Were they gathering regularly and what did they do when they were together? Did they remember the stories of Jesus’ actions, miracles, teaching? Did they relive the events, sharing their feelings and hopes and fears? Did they wonder if each day would be the one when Jesus would return, or what would the coming of the Holy Spirit be like, or if it was all a dream and they would also eventually be arrested and murdered? 

And then it happens - the Holy Spirit rushes in. Do you suppose they were scared by this violent wind and tongues of fire? Did they marvel at God’s hand? Scripture tells us they were filled with the power of this Holy Spirit and given abilities they never expected. And they were changed. Forever! They went from fearful and timid to mighty and courageous and unable to keep silent. 

Wow! What does that say to us? That the power of God is stronger than any fear we might have? That the filling of the Holy Spirit can give us courage and faith? That God shows up as promised - always? 

Whatever the recounting of the Day of Pentecost says to you, I hope you do not take its power for granted. That same power is with us today - and forever. And it can change us and the world. It did then, it has since, and it will again! Thanks be to God. 

Blessings. And prayers.

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Day #3072

May 30, 2022

A blessed Memorial Day to everyone! And prayers for those who struggle with grief. God bless you all!

On a lighter side (and perhaps a bit disrespectful for today) the smile for the week is in honor of Friday being National Donut Day:

Apologies for offending anyone, but this made me chuckle and I hope it does you, also.

Blessings. And prayers.

Day #3071

May 29, 2022 

Oh what a grand day!! Affirmation of Baptism for two of our youth is always exciting - congratulations as you take this next step in your life of faith. 

And….first Holy Communion, also, for the brother of one of the Confirmands (when you live a ways away, you try to make a visit count -- and we did!).

It was also graduation day for our High School Seniors. Several of our folks walked the stage - congratulations and God’s blessings to you all!!

What a great day for all the youth! And for the congregation! I am so thankful!

Blessings. And prayers.

Day #3070

May 28, 2022 

On this Satisfied Saturday, I must admit I am struggling to be grateful. Suddenly all the plans for our last days before my retirement grind to a halt….hubby just tested positive for COVID. After years of trying to stay safe, this yuk has entered our lives. 

It started with a sneeze, chills, and the thought it was a sinus infection. Then the fatigue hit as we drove home. Now the question is, can I avoid it?! I have too much to accomplish in the next few days to be sick! What will I do if I get it, too?! I suppose we will have to take one day at a time.

For now, I AM satisfied, however, for the opportunity to have holy conversation about Affirmation of Baptism and First Holy Communion. What an exciting day tomorrow will be!

Blessings. And prayers.

Day #3069

May 27, 2022 

And so it begins….

In preparation for our upcoming adventures, we have had our RV parked nearby at a campground where we have stayed before. Nice area, beautiful views, and one of our favorite stretches of the river. Today we say goodbye to this campground as we move to the next. Here is just a bit of the view to wake up to each day:

Yet while we must admit we are sad to go, we are loaded and ready:

And this is some of the view going into what will be our new “home” for a while:

Not too bad of a change, huh?!

Blessings. And prayers.

Day #3068

May 26, 2022 

Forty days ago we celebrated Easter - Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed! Today we remember his Ascension - Jesus’ return to God and the One relationship. It is a day that is not often celebrated in worship because of it being on Thursday, but it is an important day. The reminder is important that the resurrected Christ did not die again, but was “taken up.” 

What does this mean for me and you? I believe it has to do with the One relationship piece, and the forever piece. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the One relationship who desires all creation to also be in and part of the One relationship. 

Now, how long does that last? Forever. Earlier this week we looked at when God began (see Day #3066) and now we give thanks the relationship also has no end. 

Happy Ascension Day! 

Blessings. And prayers.

Day #3067

May 25, 2022 

Warning - somewhat of a rant follows. 

When I said goodbye to the High School Youth this morning, including two seniors, I had no idea the day would take the turn it did. One of the local schools received a report of a possible threat and went into lockdown, ruining senior day and sending parents, friends and loved ones into fear mode. What is it with people?! Is there a love of creating chaos? Fortunately, all turned out fine, but this special day is one the seniors will never get back - or forget.

But then, there are so many things I do not understand about what people do. Mass shootings abound; hateful people are prevalent; folks do not listen to one another or try to understand each other; we humans tend to think we are entitled to getting everything our way (not everyone can be satisfied or lucky all the time). It is exhausting. It is maddening. And nothing seems to be uniting us together.

Well, there is one thing that unites - the family of God. All are welcome. All are “lucky” because all are loved and forgiven and accepted. Nothing can separate us from God. And so today, as I celebrate my 42nd Baptism Birthday, I am reminded - do not give up hope! Do not despair! Do not fear! I am a beloved Child of God, sealed by the Holy Spirit, and marked with the Cross of Christ…..FOREVER! Actually, all of God's family is! Thanks be to God!

Blessings. And prayers.

Day #3066

May 24, 2022 

Tuesday’s Thoughts on Scripture comes from Revelation 22:13: I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” (NRSV)

A question I have often been asked, especially by young folks, is: who made God? Or when did God begin? Or how did God begin? It is a fair question. All things have a beginning and an end - at least the things we are familiar with on earth. Also, we know how most things begin - a seed, etc. So, who did make God? 

Well, this verse from the book of Revelation gives us one answer - God always has been. Now, when I have given that answer to a young person, I usually have gotten a confused or skeptical look. What do you mean, pastor? What kind of answer is that? Perhaps God having always been carries just enough mystery to remind me that God is not human, or completely understandable by humans. And, honestly, I am okay with that. God is God and I am not. 

The really comforting part of this for me, however, is that if God is first and last and beginning and end and A to Z, then God is also everything in-between. And knows everything in-between - including me. Thanks be to God. 

Blessings. And prayers.