Saturday, April 30, 2016

Day #849

April 28, 2016

The prayer themed week culminated with attending another Continuing Education class. This one on leading worship, primarily on learning to write prayers. Not just any prayers, but prayers in worship known as the prayers of the people (or intercessory).

Here is my take-away for those who consider written prayers to be stodgy and not Spirit-led:
  • They require paying constant attention to the needs of the world and the people - current events especially. That keeps them fresh and relevant.
  • They are written to God - speaking with God, not sermonizing or talking about God.
  • They move in a particular form - from church, world, nation, congregation, to individuals - or from the wider to the narrower.
  • It is an honor - and work - to prepare them.
  • It is not easy to do.
  • Lastly, the more specific the prayers, the more realistic they also become - and the less stodgy.
This is a lot to keep in mind as they are prepared week after week. What do you see as the essence of the prayers of the people? What would you hope to have God hear while worshipping?


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