Saturday, April 23, 2016

Day #842

April 21, 2016

It happens often - folks stealing the identities of others. Companies get hacked and personal information is stolen. Credit cards are cloned, new accounts set up, and phantom FaceBook accounts appear. It happened to my husband. Thanks to someone sending a text that they had received a FB friend request from him even though they were already friends, we were able to help some folks avoid the inconvenience. And eventually get the issue resolved.

Not too long ago, I was mistaken for someone who ran a red light in a rental car. Turned out the rental company had mistakenly switched the contracts. When the other person committed the offense, my information showed up, so the bill was sent to me (they ran the light at a red light camera intersection). It took a while to get it all straightened out and was very frustrating.

Having your identity stolen can be a horrible experience. It can take weeks, months, even years to get everything straightened out, along with spending a lot of time and money. Not to mention how violated it makes you feel.

So where is the Daily Intersection in my diatribe? Well, there is a preciousness in being known and loved for who you are. And God does that without any mistaken identity errors. We can be assured that God knows us as we are, each of us individually, and loves us. For we are each a member of God’s creation, a child of God's kingdom, and no one can snatch us from the Father’s hand - or pretend to be us to God. It just cannot happen. Thanks be to God!


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