Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day #542

June 26, 2015

After a very long day at Vacation Bible School, followed by a rousing family potluck and program, the last thing on my desired activity list was to attend a late evening Prayer Vigil. Yet I was compelled to attend for several reasons: a need to support the local pastors, a need to support the local community, a desire to be a part of something that is hoping to further the healing of the nation over the latest heinous act of violence motivated by racism and hatred in Charleston, SC, and a deep need to worship with others who might also be struggling with how the Word of God and the love of community somehow seems to have failed to persuade this young man to change his mind about killing.

So we went to the Prayer Vigil at the local AME congregation. And were very uplifted and glad we did. Yes, there were words of pain deeply rooted in actions from the past and present, but there were also many words of hope. And most importantly, the reminder and assurance that God’s love does prevail. God’s love does transform. God’s love is the catalyst to turn the hatred and prejudice ingrained in our bondage to sin into love, service and justice. God’s love is the hope to which we turn. God’s is THE love that is beyond our comprehension, yet where we lay our needs, fears, hurts - at the foot of the cross, the reminder of the kind of love that gives up everything - willingly - for you and me. The place where we are all truly equal - always!

For a little more information about the Vigil, here is a local news report link: Great Falls church...


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