Friday, June 19, 2015

Day #532

June 16, 2015

The d365 devotion for June 16th included the following statement about praying in times of struggle, or dark days, when God seems to be ignoring our calls for help: “God may be counting on us to figure out our problems for ourselves using the skills and experience given to us by God.”

The statement gave me pause. And it made me wonder: do I  sometimes cry out to God for help when I could figure things out myself simply because I want to avoid the suffering? Or that I want the suffering to end more quickly? Or I am just a little lazy in doing what I need to do to "fix" things and I'm looking for an easy out? These are tough things to consider, for certain. Especially if it means I’m “using” prayer, or God, like a magic wand.

So is God's seeming to “ignore” really that, or is it an opportunity to learn reliance, perseverance, and trust? Hmmm....


PS Please don’t get the idea I think ALL prayer is about avoiding suffering. Or that I think God would rather not be bothered by some of our prayers. Instead, I believe God wants us to pray about anything and everything - because it means we are in a mode of conversation, which also means listening. I'm simply wondering more about my own motives.

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