Monday, June 15, 2015

Day #526

June 10, 2015

In a discussion about the Gospel for the upcoming Sunday, the talk was about the mustard seed. Specifically, that even though it is such a small seed, when planted it becomes the largest of plants. (Ok, there may be smaller seed and larger “plants,” but that is the idea.)

It has always been my thought that this is about the kingdom of God itself. That it only takes a little seed of faith planted in us by God to further the great kingdom of God that has grown throughout the centuries to millions. In other words, as we continue to share the love of God through our lives, begun as a seed at our baptism, the kingdom continues to grow. We are workers with God through the seed God plants.

But what difference might it make if we think of the seed as Jesus himself? Not faith as the seed, but his life, death and resurrection itself. Could it be that he was the tiny seed, planted as God’s Kingdom on earth? Was it that his life was planted here as a beginning, to show us God in the flesh, give us hope, make the way for salvation? And are we just little seeds, if you will, as Jesus lives in us through the Holy Spirit?

Just a little something to think about...and ponder.


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