Sunday, June 7, 2015

Day #522

June 6, 2015

Perhaps the most thought-provoking thing I heard today was a story one of the presenters shared written by someone whose name I did not get. It went something like this:
Mouse and elephant were best friends and were always together. One day elephant and mouse decided to have a party. They invited other friends, prepared lots of food, played fun music - quite the party. Elephant had a great time, dancing and talking. At the end of the party, after everyone had left, elephant called out to mouse, “where are you, mouse? Wasn’t that just the best party? Didn’t we have the most fun?” 
But mouse didn’t answer. So elephant called out again, “Mouse, where are you?” Looking all around, elephant finally looked down at his feet. There was mouse. In all his dancing and partying, elephant had trampled mouse without even realizing it.
It's a tragic story, one that really made me stop and think. It was written as an example of how the USA can affect other countries in their enthusiasm to “help,” yet instead trampling the “other.”

Certainly there have been many who justifiably criticize the USA, but I tell this story because it also made me think about myself. How often, in my exuberance to serve or help, have I run over someone else, trampling their need to be of service or help. Or, in the perceived need to “hurry up and get it done,” have I overrun someone else by being bossy, demeaning, or just in the way?”

Think I’ll be watching my feet a little more closely, hopefully for a long time!


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