Sunday, June 7, 2015

Day #516

May 31, 2015

In the last discussion about the church (see Day #509 for how these discussion began), we talked about what it means to be the church together.

For me, the community of church is so very important. Being from a small earthly family, it has always meant a lot to me to have millions of brothers and sisters through God’s family. In community, there is strength, support, and ability to accomplish much more through the work of many than what one can do alone.

Yet, there is a flip-side to the positive. At times, being church together can be very hard. Disagreement, differences of opinion about the way things should be, personalities and judgment can sneak in and disrupt the tranquility and joy of community. Those moments can bring sadness and splintering.

In my opinion, however, even with the risk and potential for hurt and sorrow the benefits of community far outweigh the possibility of pain. Belonging is good, especially to God’s family. And one day, perfection of relationship/community will be ours with God....forever. What a day to look toward, and to celebrate glimpses of now.


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