Friday, March 21, 2014

Day #69

March 10, 2014

A couple of days away for our anniversary found us at the Carolinas Aviation Museum. The plane which became known several years ago as the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ is housed there. It is quite a reminder of how fragile human invention can be when it comes up against it’s Achilles' Heel.

It was determined what brought down this now famous plane was geese. Just minutes after takeoff, the plane encountered a flock of geese and two were sucked up in the plane’s engines.

Tragedy was averted, however, by the quick thinking and training of the pilots, along with the same of the flight attendants. The interesting part: out of the 150 passengers, only 25 listened to the pre-flight instructions and only 12 read the instruction cards. It was one of those 12, however, who used what he had read to help get others out of the plane safely. One. Yet, all were saved.

I had to wonder what this says about reading the Christian “instruction” manuel, the Bible. No, the Bible is not really an “instruction” manuel, but it is the story of our God, God’s love and God’s saving plan for creation. Will I be the “one” who reads it and is called to be a part of God’s plan? Will you?


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