Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Day #1593

May 12, 2018

We saw something today we had never seen before - a huge shipment of beehives! 

As we pulled up to a stoplight, I said “BEES!” Hubby is used to the tone I use for bees - I am allergic. Where?, he asked, looking all around the car. There!! I pointed to the back of the 18-wheeler in front of us. Bees!!

More than once he (former trucker extraordinaire) has reminded me that most everything we touch, eat, wear, etc., has been transported by tractor trailer at some point in its production. But I had never thought beehives might be included. 

All I could think was, I would NOT want to be the person who pulls off that screen when they are delivered. Yikes!!!

I will also add, I am thankful for those beehives. Where would we be without them?!


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