Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Day #1000

September 26, 2016 

On the 1,000th post, the word WOW! comes to mind. ONE THOUSAND days of reflecting on God’s work and moments of grace/thankfulness. WOW!! I would have never guessed I would continue this long, with no plans to stop. But then, God’s work and grace never stop. Praise be to God!

As I look back on Day #1, I cannot believe all the changes that have taken place in these 999 days (yes, I used the word change, haha). Our lives and the lives of our friends and family have seen ups and downs, highs and lows, pain and joy, new beginnings and sorrowful endings. How grateful I am for this means of being able to catalogue and remember a bit of it all, especially God’s presence and grace. And I am humbled and thankful that what I intended as I began still rings true. It is a privilege to put into word God's presence in the world. 

So thank you for reading, encouraging, and praying with me. It means a lot. I also hope you recognize God’s hand in your lives at the Daily Intersection! Especially you, Godson!


PS I am also thankful that over these 1,000 days there has evolved a habit of more reading and less television. :-)