Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Day #976

September 2, 2016 

The power of the wind. We took a ride to just beyond Judith Gap to see the wind farm. It’s fascinating to me how we can harness nature’s natural wonder for convenience's sake. There is a small information station set up at the farm. This bullet in answer to the question “What are the benefits of wind energy” especially caught our eye:
Development of just 10% of the wind potential in the 10 windiest U.S. states would provide more than enough energy to displace emissions from the nation’s coal fired power plants and eliminate the nation’s major source of acid rain, reduce total U.S. carbon dioxide emissions by almost a third, and help contain the spread of asthma and other respiratory diseases, aggravated or caused by air pollution in this country.
Hmmm….that sure is something to think about as stewards of God’s creation! 


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