Monday, September 12, 2016

Day #985

September 11, 2016 

This from the devotion God Pause written by Pastor Peggy Leuzinger of MT: 
Today in many Lutheran congregations (ELCA) around the United States people will be joining in a day of service, to do God's work with our hands. Today is also the fifteenth year since the events of 9/11, when terrorists attacked the U.S. Recognizing the service of first responders, fire fighters, police and all those who respond quickly in service when the need arises, the church expresses gratitude today for all those who serve "on the front lines." After 9/11, the image of the persistent, continuing search for victims for months in the rubble--that people wanted to be there, helping, searching, not giving up--is one that still powerfully connects with us. The powerful image that God's concern and compassion can be mirrored in human response is limitless and unwavering. The call to see and serve the neighbor is issued to God's people. Today, give thanks that as Fred Rogers from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood stated, quoting his mother, "Look for the helpers. You'll always find people who are helping." Holy God, we give thanks that you raise up helpers and inspire so many to act with courage and compassion. Protect them from danger and grant them wisdom in their serving. Amen. 
Yes, thank you to all who put others first as they serve as police, firefighters, EMT, first responders of all kinds!!! There is much gratitude for what you do!!!

Then, we participated in a fun and unique way to spend an afternoon in MT - What the Hay. See this website for more information: Montana Bale Trail. These are a couple of our favorites, too:


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