Friday, September 9, 2016

Day #981

September 7, 2016 

Another year has passed - another birthday has come. But what a day! 
  • Breakfast with High School Youth - a great start to the day
  • Bible Study with Men’s Square (women have study circles - these men have a square) - always great insights
  • Bible Study with a group of ladies who surprised me with cake and cards - a wonderful group
  • a surprise visit and balloon/card from a wee one and her mom - just precious
  • candy from my loving husband - yum
  • a late afternoon meeting with yummy snacks, a delicious cake and a resounding rendition of Happy Birthday with instruments and kazoos - joyous
  • and MANY calls, cards, FaceBook wishes and texts.
Yes, what a day! I feel loved and appreciated - what more could you ask for on your birthday?!?! Thank you everyone for making me feel special! Love you all!!


P.S. A “Simon Says” to share: His mom told me the congregation she serves went to monthly Holy Communion during worship for the summer. Sunday they celebrated the sacrament and Simon went to the rail loudly saying something along the lines of: I’m so glad to have Communion. I’ve been so hungry for Jesus. What an amazing young man!!

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