Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day #966

August 23, 2016

FaceBook reminded me that the Worldwide Web opened 25 years ago on August 23rd. It brought to mind the first time my boss at the time asked me to “search” for something on the computer. He said something along the lines: “There’s this new thing called the “web?!?!” somewhere on the computer. I hear you can find out all sorts of information by just typing in a question. Would you see what you can find out about it?” 

I thought he was nuts. And, quite frankly, his question scared me to death to try doing something like that on the computer. Of course, that seems so funny now, these 25 years later when I “search” probably dozens of times a day for something - on my phone, no less! The internet/web has become like second nature. 

Makes me wonder what is next for the world we live in – what great/creative minds are dreaming about and experimenting with in small offices or garages?!?! Who knows!!


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