Saturday, August 20, 2016

Day #962

August 19, 2016

According to FaceBook, World Photo Day is August 19. Well, I was a little ahead of the game when I changed my “cover photo” on FaceBook to this one:

I made the change because I was prompted by FaceBook to do so. After all, the last photo was of snow covered mountains in the distance taken at the end of our street. The one above is of a sunset at the same area, although in a slightly different direction. Of course, there is no snow, so it is more appropriate for the current season. 

Well, much to my surprise, I had several comments on the photo, which I appreciate. But the one that meant the most came from my Aunt, who said: “Great photo - your uncle would approve.” That one sentence meant more to me than you can imagine. See, my uncle was actually a professional photographer. And a very good one! He has been gone from this earth for a long while now, and I miss him. But the thought he might have approved of my rudimentary photography skills made me smile - and quite honestly, brought a tear to my eye. Thank you, dear Aunt!!


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