Thursday, August 11, 2016

Day #952

August 9, 2016 

Lately I have been reading some backlogged emails regarding stewardship. I’m very glad I saved these and am gaining some new insights. One that continues to surface is the need to articulate the vision of the congregation in order for folks to respond by giving of their time, talent and treasure. It’s more than just saying “we need you and your gifts.” It’s helping folks understand why they matter and what can be accomplished through being generous. In other words, the meaning and purpose of the mission must be articulated. 

With that said, one thought keeps coming to mind - everyone needs to have meaning and purpose in their life. We all need to know there is a reason for our being here. Do you feel without purpose? Do you wonder if your life has meaning? Do you have questions about the reason you are here? Here is some good news - you are a child of God and loved by God, the Creator! Unconditionally loved!! Just because you are, you are loved by God. There is a first and foremost reason and purpose for our lives. And that is amazing - and empowering - to me! What does God have in store for me because God loves me? What does God need me to do? Hmmm

Who would know that at the end of the day another purpose for me, and several others, being in a certain place at a certain time would be so important. There was a torrential rain storm - hail, lightening, wind, and LOTS of rain. Flash flooding in many places in town, including around the church building. Suddenly water seemed to be everywhere - coming in some windows, cascading down a set of stairs from under a door, under almost all the outside doors, and even under a wall in one room. 

Yet there we were - fortunately (a God-thing) - to be in the building. Members from a meeting and guests/volunteers for Family Promise all pitched in - trashcans went under windows, towels went under doors, mops and wet vacs got going strong. We all had a clear idea of our purpose, and through working together the "damage" is mostly just wetness that can be dried, instead of how it might have been had no one been there.

And the thankfulness to who jumped in - it floods without measure from my heart, even more than the water flowed into the building. :-)
You just never know what might come next and be exactly what and where you need to be!! Amen?!?!


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