Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Day #785

February 24, 2016 

Another entry from Daily Grace brought to mind something to share. On this date the question was asked by Linda Post Bushkofsky: what books are you reading? That resonated with me. After all, in the last couple of years my reading of books (and magazines, blogs, etc) has increased. You may have noticed as I often quote here in the Daily Intersection from something I'm reading.

Without doubt, what we read helps form our minds, hearts and faith. Does what I read build me up - and thereby the kingdom - or tear me/it down? I hope the former.

So what book am I reading right now? It is one for a class I have been attending called The Church of the Second Chance by Jens Soering. Through it and the discussion in class, my thoughts and actions regarding the justice system in America are being challenged. It is good reading - thought provoking reading.

What about you, what are you reading? Anything you would like to recommend?


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