Saturday, February 20, 2016

Day #778

February 17, 2016

I’ve been learning about coaching (no, not football or basketball) but Christian Coaching. And one thing that’s been driven home in the training - the conversation is always, always centered on, and about, the person being coached, not the coach. The focus is what the other person wants to talk about, work on, and set goals for, not what the coach thinks they should.

Well, isn’t that the epitome of caring for another - putting the focus on the other person? In a loving relationship, shouldn’t it always be about lifting up the other person? For in turn, they will be about lifting you up. But then that’s not the focus of coaching.

A primary focus of coaching is listening - deep, intentional, active listening. And when we’re really, really listened to gifts, talents and dreams can be uncovered and opened up that can be unleashed on the world to help transform it. Gifts that God has given us.

There may just be some definite holy ground in this coaching. Hmmm...


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