Friday, February 5, 2016

Day #763

February 2, 2016

This coming Sunday is Transfiguration of our Lord (see Luke 9:28-36). There is much to consider in the readings, but one part I always smile at reading is how Peter babbles on about what has happened, how great it is, and how three booths should be erected so they can just stay on the mountaintop.

Life isn’t that way, however, and they go back down to meet the crowd. But questions remain. Whenever there is an encounter with God, we wonder if it is real. We ask, what did I just see/hear/feel? Can I trust my eyes, ears, hands/heart? What does it mean? What is coming next?

No wonder Peter babbles on – I suppose I would, too! Wait, I do sometimes! Maybe often.

Just listen, God says. Hmmm


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