Sunday, February 14, 2016

Day #775

February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

What joy - and privilege - to remind the children today that God loves them. Thank you, God, we prayed, for loving us and help us love you!!

And then this from Martin Marty's article in The Lutheran magazine about curiosity:
For people who have decided that religion is all about answers, writer Edward Hays has a different idea. He imagines the question mark as a holy symbol. Whereas the exclamation point is emphatic and insistent, the "?" is really a bent over "!" that has bowed it's head in humility. Open to a spirit of exploration and wonder, the "?" is both a prayer tool of everyday people and a creative tool of artists, geniuses and explorers. We could say, "God is love!" Or we could say, "God is love?" Notice the wonder and astonishment in the second example, all because of a question mark. Building such curiosity into our Christian lives [and I would add our love lives] is not only our calling, it's also a vital clue to our depth as interesting people.
It occurs to me that when we decide we know the other, all about the other (including God), then we lose our curiosity, and thereby our interest. Prayers that we always keep that wonder and astonishment in our relationship with God - and with those we love!!

Maybe a revisiting of this reminder is appropriate after all!

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