Saturday, December 19, 2015

Day #714

December 15, 2015

d365 for December 15th included these words for “think” from Chris Cash:
Today, take time to cry out to God about the pain in the world and even in your own life. Ask God to bring healing and set things right. But be prepared: one of the ways God might want to do this is by working through your hands, feet, and voice.
Perhaps there are no truer words - for God does need our hands, feet and voice to bring healing and set things right. How we act, what we say, and where we go makes a difference. Are our actions ones that promote peace and build relationships, or are they doing the opposite?

Perhaps this struck home even more after hearing Barry Beach’s talk about the power of prayer in his life. Perhaps I needed a reminder of what prayer has meant/does mean in my life as I experience God working to transform me.

Thank you, Chris Cash, for your helpful words! May I be convicted and moved to action by them!


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